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3-Day Miami






  Day 1


Foundation building. You cant build a highrise without a strong foundation:

  • What is forex, how does it differ from stocks? 

  • The 3 trading sessions + how to choose pairs + why I chose my pair + special times of volume

  • What are candles? How To Analyze them. 

  • How to use trading view.

  • Market structure.

  • How to navigate news and fundamentals. 

  • Psychology of good vs bad profits.

  • Day 1 Test.


  Day 2


  Intermediate & Advanced Concepts

  • Advanced Candles.

  • LTF Vs HTF candles.

  • Liquidity grabs + break of structure For continuation.

  • Navigating and understanding the importance of Wicks + Use cases.

  • Importance of a playbook/trading plan.

  • Setups vs entries and all their different types.

  • Advantage points and risk management strategies.

  • Day 2 Test. 




  Day 3



  Action Day - Knowledge guided by Experience is the Key To Success

  • Advanced work-in-progress concepts. How to go beyond CfX and develop your own style. How to create setups.

  • Why traders fail.

  • How to choose a broker.

  • The importance of journaling.

  • How to back-test.

  • Putting it all together via. This section will focus on putting everything learnt from the previous 3 days all together followed by live chart analysis and back-testing by students.


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