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ControllerFX Course OUTLINE







  • Brokers

  • How to keep up with news and fundamentals

  • How to use trading view

  • Thoughts on trading on the phone vs trading on computer (Treat trading like a job and Create an office space)




  • Greed

  • Fear

  • Revenge

  • Money Management

  • Compound

  • Good Vs Bad Profits






  Risk management

  • Learning proper risk management


  Trading Sessions

  • The 3 trading sessions

  • Knowing when to trade

  • Choosing your session

  • Finding your pair

  • How different pairs affect each other's trading times (Ex. GBPJPY, GBPUSD)





  • When to know when there will be volume in the market

  • How to execute with volume

  • Understanding how to identify consolidations

  • How to avoid consolidation




  • What is a candlestick

  • How are candles formed -

  • Why candles are important

  • What do candles with no wick mean

  • Different types of no wick candles

  • Bullish no bottom wick

  • Bullish no top wick

  • Bearish no top wick

  • Bearish no bottom

  • Different types of no wick candles

  • Reading candles backwards P1/P2



  • How to identify a trend

  • How to know when a trend will continue

  • How to know when a trend will change

  • Understanding trend through higher timeframes vs lower timeframes to create bias

  • How to identify an “Aggro day”



  • What is a range? How are they formed?
    Clean Traffic

  • Tradable range vs non tradeable ranges

  • What is a breakout of a range

  • How to spot rejections in range vs continuation

  • What is a “fakeout” of a range, how do they get filled?

  • How to avoid fakeouts

  • Range 1/Range 2

  • The “Celery Play”

  • Breakouts to avoid

  • How to change bias







  How to manage a trade

  • How to manage winning positions

  • How to cut losses short

  • How and when to leave runner positions


  Different entries

  • How to enter on a breakout

  • How to enter on a celery play

  • How to enter on a fakeout


  How to tell a story

  • Telling a story using different timeframes



  Putting it all together

  • How I mark up a chart from scratch

  • How I enter a trade and manage it

  • UPDATED Simulation sessions

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